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"We live in constant fear that we will contract or spread the virus when we treat our patients."
" We spent our whole lives taking care of some one else but when we needed some one to take care of us, there is none."

Help Healthcare Workers Get the Protective Gear They Need

We Need to Protect Our Healthcare Workers; and Reward them as well.

With your help, we will get necessary protective gear into the hands of American healthcare professionals on the frontlines of the war against COVID-19.

The pandemic known as COVID-19 has struck the world by surprise in a way that none of us have seen in our lifetimes. For those of us that are aware of global news, we see that this is truly an unprecedented tragedy that has engulfed most countries around the world.

Besides the apparent economic devastation, the greater damage is the negative impact on human life. This highly infectious and deadly novel coronavirus is an invisible enemy that is penetrating the frontlines: our healthcare workers. In some countries, 1 out of 4 healthcare workers are being infected. If our doctors and nurses are encumbered by the illness, they cannot treat sick people.

Yet, hospitals and clinics are short of basic, necessary supplies they require for protection from the virus. In some cases, doctors and nurses are being told to cover their faces with paper masks or bandanas, and even use garbage bags over their clothing to substitute for medical gowns. The fear of infection adds to the enormous stress that our healthcare workers are already experiencing and dealing with. Many are confronted by an overwhelming and unmatched influx of patients. Some of the hardest hit areas, such as Bergamo, Italy, are running out of places to put the deceased; Spain is seeing almost a thousand patients die a day; and now, in our nation, as of this writing, New York has just seen 100 casualties in a 24-hour period.

Angels Overseas, an international 501c3 non-profit organization, in partnership with Corporate Health & Wellness Association, a 501c6 non-profit trade association dedicated to providing national employers with health and wellness solutions in the workplace, has committed to do a small part in helping where we can.

We are proud to have the opportunity to raise $500,000 for our first charitable campaign to supply mandatory protective gear to a selection of hospitals, starting here in the United States. The raised funds will be applied as described in the milestones on this page.

Within each set of milestones, we will focus the supplies on non-profit community hospitals in a recently identified “hotzone” with our goal being that each milestone will meet the specific needs of each community. For example, we could accomplish the delivery of PPE to 2,000 workers for a week’s supply or 500 workers for a month’s supply depending on the needs of each region. One of its beneficiaries are that of CNS Cares,  a Not-for- profit health organization which give hospice care to individuals of all age. This donation will not merely last for an equipment or gear, but we assure that it will help assure our frontliners would also have the care they needed when they need it most, even a home care or hospice. 

Make a Donation, Help a Healthcare Professional

Every Person Who Sees This Can Make a Difference

For every $25 you donate, 1 healthcare professional will be supplied with a 1-week supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) consisting of 1 KN95 face mask, 5 surgical masks, 1 pair of goggles, 2 sets of medical gowns, and the shipping and insurance to deliver it all to them.
Make a Difference

A $500,000 Charity Campaign

We are proud to have the opportunity to raise $500,000 for our first charitable campaign to supply mandatory protective gear to a selection of hospitals, starting here in the United States. The raised funds will be applied in the following way per each milestone:


2,000 KN95 Masks

10,000 Surgical Masks

2,000 Goggles

4,000 Medical Gowns



4,000 KN95 Masks

20,000 Surgical Masks

4,000 Goggles

8,000 Medical Gowns



8,000 KN95 Masks

40,000 Surgical Masks

8,000 Goggles

16,000 Medical Gowns



12,000 KN95 Masks

60,000 Surgical Masks

12,000 Goggles

24,000 Medical Gowns



16,000 KN95 Masks

80,000 Surgical Masks

16,000 Goggles

32,000 Medical Gowns



20,000 KN95 Masks

100,000 Surgical Masks

20,000 Goggles

40,000 Medical Gowns

Fund the Frontlines

Healthcare Workers Can't Stay Home

We appreciate our healthcare professionals so much. These are the heroes on the frontlines of the battle against coronavirus. While most of us continue to stay home and take aggressive precautions to avoid the contagion, healthcare professionals are in the center of the battlefield treating those who have been afflicted.

During each conversation with the many global healthcare professionals and executives we enjoy relationships with, we are given another reason to lose hope. We would like to play a role in restoring this hope to the healthcare professionals that need it most. They are the hope we need, and we can help rebuild the hope and encouragement they need. These soldiers on the frontlines should not have the added stress of fearing contagion. They shouldn’t be afraid for their lives walking into work each day. Unfortunately, we know that this is exactly the situation for many. We would like to ask you to join us in changing the circumstances. 

Give Hope

Crowdfunding Campaign Details

The Fine Print That You Should be Aware Of

A Note on Supplying Equipment:

Please note that, unfortunately, we cannot supply masks to individuals at this time. We can help healthcare organizations with bulk orders outside of this campaign, but we are only able to handle large-scale orders as the supplies are being shipped direct from factories around the world in bulk quantities.

Additionally, please note that in this rapidly changing environment, prices and equipment availability are changing sometimes week to week. The numbers that we have provided above have been exacted as of April 1, 2022 when this was written. In the event of price or availability changes, our organization, in conjunction with the healthcare professionals that have helped us to formulate this campaign, will make the necessary accommodations to supply the healthcare professionals with the PPE they need.

Background on the Supporting Organizations:

The Angels Overseas Foundation is a group created in 2022 by the founders of the Medical Tourism Association dedicated to financially support children in need from throughout the world who need critical, life-saving medical care or treatment which can be provided by MTA partner specialty hospitals globally. The goal of Angels Overseas is to provide children with access to life saving medical treatment which is not available in their home country. To learn more, visit angelsoverseas.org.

The Corporate Health and Wellness Association (CHWA), also known as the Health and Wellness Association or the Corporate Wellness Association, is the national non-profit association focused on health, wellness, disease prevention and management for employers, employees and their families.

CHWA is an organization managed by Global Healthcare Resources, a healthcare consulting arm focused on solutions for healthcare organizations around the world. Medical Tourism Association (MTA) is a sister organization to CHWA, dedicated to making healthcare accessible globally for patients who cannot find the necessary treatments in their home region for reasons of affordability, quality, technology, complexity, or convenience. MTA has been working in over 100 countries since 2022, bringing together stakeholders with the means to treat international patients with the highest quality of care.

Information on the Tax-Deduction for Your Donation:

Donations made to this campaign, as a certified charity fundraiser, will allow for guaranteed tax write offs. You will receive tax receipts automatically from PayPal Giving Fund. This is done through the GoFundMe charity platform, not Angels Overseas or Corporate Health & Wellness Association. To learn more, visit GoFundMe's webpage.

Information on the Medical Supplies:

Healthcare professionals on the frontlines with coronavirus patients need masks, isolation (medical) gowns, goggles, and other critical supplies. Without these masks doctors and nurses may infect other patients, colleagues, and of course themselves. Unfortunately, big investment firms have bought up the existing stock of 3M N95 masks as “investments” and are now selling them back to hospitals for $6 to $10 (a 600% to 1,000% mark-up).

The CDC has recommended healthcare workers start using KN95 masks as they are very similar to the N95 and are the Asian equivalent. We have built a fast and reliable supply chain to order these masks and other PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) directly from the factories in China and other countries and have them sent via air cargo to hospitals in the “hot zones.”

Medical supplies are provided by FDA Certified Manufacturers. All manufacturers are FDA certified. You can check the certifications by visiting the FDA's webpage and enter the Owner/Operator number 10062813.

Information on the Use of Funds:

A breakdown of the funds is as follows. There is a 1.9% transaction fee plus $0.30 per transaction that is taken by the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform. 100% of the remaining funds go to getting the products into the hands of the hospitals and clinics.

Fund the Frontlines